Battery Backup


Ilumen Solar offers a wide variety of battery options to fit your back up needs.

Enphase IQ Battery

Tesla Powerwall 2



• Battery installations now quality for the 30% tax credit, with or without a solar installation

• Batteries provide resiliency during grid outages


Can I go off grid? We are very fortunate to be connected to a grid, so we want to utilize it. Almost all systems in our area our grid tied. To go fully “off grid” is a very expensive process and truly utilized for situations where grid connection is not in the area.

Can I charge the battery during the day and use the power at night? Technically, yes. However, we operate mainly on fixed rate bill, so this function is not typically used in our area.

Do I backup my whole house or just a critical loads panel? We can offer both, but in most cases, you just need to back up the most critical loads to get you through an outage. Backing up an entire house requires a larger investment.

Can I back up my A/C unit and other large electrical loads? If you were to back up large electric loads, such as HVAC systems, the battery will deplete rather quickly. That said, we normally do not recommend backing up non-critical loads such as HVAC.





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